Due to the self-contradictory, misleading, and deliberately false information posted on the current band's "official" websites and pages over the past few years, MEATHOUSE presents here the ONLY TRUE and ACCURATE history of VOODOO CHURCH. The account to follow is completely backed by documentation, and the personal statements and correspondence of former bandmembers and other key players. While the band's current lead singer, Tina Winter, has tried to obscure and distort the true facts of the band's history to her own advantage, and publishes libelous rants in an attempt to discredit and/or silence her critics, the editors of MEATHOUSE stand by the accuracy of this account, and are willing to swear to its factuality (under penalty of perjury) in court. Ms.Winter cannot honestly say the same…
…The TRUE history of the pioneer Deathrock band VOODOO CHURCH: Founded and fronted by Dave Grave in 1981, as an expanded version of his earlier band ZOMBIE LEGION, VC recorded 3 songs for an EP (suppressed for over 24 years!), played the clubs, and were broadcast coast-to-coast on TV, performing on Nite Flight's New Wave Theatre in 1982!

…How the disgruntled bassist Tina Winter (resentful of Mr. Grave's success, and aspiring to take his place as lead singer) obstructed VC's progress, killed at least one record deal, and drove away ALL the original AND replacement members (including founder Dave Grave) with her ever-increasing ego and hysterical prima-donna tantrums!

…How Tina Winter hired a new line-up with guitarist Rob Reimer, stole the name, released a failed 4-song EP in late '82, and played a handful of shows before firing everyone in 1983, married Rob, and abandoned the VC name!

…How Tina spent the next 17 years living in obscurity, isolated and oblivious to a scene that had moved on without her!

…How in 2000, Dave Grave and producer/performer William Faith offered her a second chance with a VOODOO CHURCH reunion show, and how her usual conceit, pettiness, and backstabbing, blew the deal!

…How Tina (desperate to return to the spotlight) has again misappropriated the VC name, screwed over band members, and lied and exaggerated to the public, press, and promoters, all to further her own egocentric career!

…How for the past 5 years, Tina has tried to erase or diminish Dave Grave's role in the creation and history of VOODOO CHURCH, attempted to sabotage his reputation and working relationships with producers, promoters, and public, through libel and defamation, and silence independent accounts that contradict her own distorted and revisionist version of the band's history, documented by interviews and emails from Tina herself!

…Tina's fraudulent application to trademark the VC name, and Rob Reimer's threat to destroy the master tapes of Dave Grave with VOODOO CHURCH, that may land Tina and Rob in court, facing federal criminal charges!
From left: KARLA D'KARLA (keys), BOB "BLANK" REIMER (guitar), RON "KING X-RAY" WHITAKER (drums), DAVE GRAVE (vocals), and TINA WINTER (bass), cringing at far right. The bearded gentleman sitting at far left is band friend and roadie, KEN "WEIRD-BEARD" LATHAM, later founder of Piece Of Mind Records (San Francisco). Photo was originally published Dec.'81, Flipside Magazine (photographer uncredited, possibly Al Miller). Slaughterhouse remains are visible on stage.
Voodoo Church on New Wave Theater 1982

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