Thousands of flyers, stickers, pamphlets, and tapes have been circulated worldwide through a loose-knit network of operatives known as the Mutoid Liberation Front, made up of various artists, misfits, and aesthetic terrorists, dedicated to spreading the science of Misanthropology; the study of the flaws and stupidity inherent in mainstream human culture. Since the foundation of the MLF in 1988, they have waged a relentless war of propaganda against the forces of conformity, apathy and mediocrity, most recently in the Death Rock Jihad to purge L.A.'s underground of counter-evolutionary influences.

Many of these publications have become collector's items. Thanks to John Brewton's X-Ray Book Company, 2 of our titles (
CHEAP ASS COMIX and SICK FUCK) now reside in the library archives of the J. Paul Getty Museum, Hewlitt-Cooper Museum of Design, Smithsonian Institute, Library of Congress, and 16 universities' rare book collections.

Stickers bearing the
“Fist and Stitches” have been plastered across the U.S., U.K., Ireland, Iceland, France, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria, Russia and Australia, demonstrating the vast reach of the MLF.